Video Clips

Enjoy hot video clips of the Rundu Men including the popular video series, "Am I Dreaming?"

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The Rundu Men "Am I Dreaming?" Short Video Series is a series of short video clips where a sleeping beauty falls asleep and 'dreams' about the Rundu Men. The hot clips are classy, yet uncensored and some of the Rundu Men are wearing nothing but a smile. Is she dreaming? You decide.  

Am I Dreaming 6

Just Released! Click here to watch "Am I Dreaming" Part 6.


Am I Dreaming  5

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Shot on location in beautiful Jamaica, Part 5.  Not Safe for Work (NSFW).


Am I Dreaming 4

Coming soon.  Part 4 is being reformatted to play on most devices.  


Am I Dreaming 3

Coming soon.  Part 3 is being reformatted to play on most devices.

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