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Talking about a steamy collection of beautiful black men, Wetdreams will give you just that, a wet dream!

Wetdreams will astound you; full frontal nudity and everything! Chest, abs and butts to boot. Still classy, yet bold and daring; Wetdreams crashes to shore. So relax and experience a sneak peek of Wetdreams. When finished, catch your breath and proceed to order this timeless duotone collection for your coffee table. Click pics for uncensored view.

Excellent Quality

Wetdreams is not your typical hardcover book. The interior pages of this large, heavy, coffee table book are printed on museum weight paper. And, if you happen to spill coffee on the outer book jacket...not to worry. The actual jacket image is also printed directly on the hardcover board. Complete with its foil-stamped title, Wetdreams' book quality matches its extraordinary images. Order your copy today.

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See what others are saying about Wetdreams

Sybil Wilkes, Co-host, Tom Joyner Morning Show: "Wetdreams is simply beautiful! First class all the way".

P. Quinn, Customer, Boston, MA:  "When I got Wetdreams in the mail, I couldn't believe the price. I would have easily paid more for a book of this quality. Simply unbelievable."

Monique, Actress, The Parkers & The Original Queens of Comedy: "I get a lot of stuff when I make appearances and give it to my assistant for safekeeping. I kept my Wetdreams book with me PERSONALLY! What a book! What a book!"

T. James, Customer, Greenville, SC: "I collect coffee table books and when I saw Wetdreams, I was so impressed with the level of quality. Of course the photography was awesome; however, it was the other things such as the foil stamping on the cover, the little sprinkling of original poetry for some of the images, and the actual cover image printed directly on the hardcover board that really caught me. Well done!"

Mark Jackson, Owner, Brushstrokes, Atlanta, GA: "We specialize in selling coffee table books of men. Wetdreams is the best coffee table book of men I've ever seen. Ever!" 

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